Our Process
We have a hands-on approach to graphic design, combining traditional and digital techniques to create finished products that have character and appeal. We search out and use a variety of tools and techniques to accomplish the desired effects. There are no templates at Acme; we custom design to meet your needs.
The primary software programs that we use are InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. Our web programmer uses a variety of program languages depending on the needs for the functionality for each site. We do provide web hosting for many of our customers which allows us to ensure compatibility with functionality.
When you hire Acme Graphic Design you can expect quality and personal attention.
What to Expect:
» We will schedule a design consultation to establish your needs » We will provide your proposal outlining a schedule, timing & specs » We will research, study & develop concepts » You will be presented with sketches & comps » You will review our concepts and provide feedback » We will make necessary revisions to the concepts » Your final art will be prepared, print and/or upload ready » You will make a final review and provide approval or needed edits » Your project will go to press or go live on the net!
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